Frequently Asked Questions

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What is HireBee and how is it different from similar recruitment software?

HireBee is an all-in-one talent acquisition solution for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB). In fact it is the only solution an SMB needs. From creating requisition to job distribution, from applicant management to comprehensive analytics, it is all covered by HireBee. Companies using HireBee take advantage of the following features, to fully manage talent acquisition process.

Do you offer monthly or annual packages? offers monthly and annual subscription. All plans come with full security and cross-border compliance. You can choose of our standard packages, or create your custom package. Understanding customer needs and providing respective solution is in our DNA, so speak to us today if you want something tailored for your company.

Is HireBee a cross-border solution?

HireBee is offers access to cross-border job hunt platforms, candidates databases and hiring tools worldwide. We partner with the best service providers to cover the entire value chain of hiring. Hundreds of clients choose HireBee for its cross-border hiring capabilities. Contact us today or request a demo to learn more on how HireBee can boost your hiring.

Does HireBee offer any screening or sourcing tools?

Yes, HireBee provides a complete suite of tools to drastically improve time-to-hire and cost-of-hire KPIs. We provide Artificial Intelligence powered multi-dimensional screening algorithm, which works the following way: the engines screens all applicants against the job requirements for a particular position and provides a match-ranking.

HireBee also comes full-set of tools to support talent acquisition specialists source from different sources – social media to professional candidate databases. Get more information about our sourcing tools, by requesting a demo today.

To what extent can I customize HireBee?

Our aim is to provide excellent user experience to our customers, therefore we have gone the extra mile to provide advances customization tools. Here is the list of tools, which can be easily customizes. HireBee also enables on-demand customizations, within short period of time. If interested, please send details about your request and we will get back to  you with our offer.




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