Custom application forms

Custom application forms

Candidate screening can be super quick and effective due to Hirebee’s custom application forms. You can choose what information to require from your candidates while applying for your vacancies. It allows you to collect the necessary information for the first stage of screening before your candidates apply for your vacancies. While creating a job posting you are suggested to choose from the dropdown list of application forms, which you can customize in the company settings. Hirebee allows you to add an application form to each vacancy depending on its specificity. It is up to you what fields of the application form will be required or optional. For example If you don’t consider any candidacy for a specific vacancy without a diploma of a relevant field, you can make the diploma field as required. This way you can save great time and efforts to exclude applicants without a diploma.

Online form instead of CV

There are a lot of vacancies, which don’t require having a professional CV. For example, if you look for a driver for your company, it may be complicated for relevant drivers to apply for the vacancy because of the lack of CV. In this case Hirebee’s application forms can ease the applying process for these candidates. They only need to fill the form in and Hirebee’s smart system will create functional profiles for each candidate right in your dashboard. You can even add some special questions which will be shown depending on the previous answer. Also it will be useful to require a covering letter or to attach a photo of driving license or any document you need. There are a lot of ways to use the online forms in order to improve the candidate management, saving magnificent time. Hirebee offers all the necessary tools to decrease manual work and increase effectiveness, It’s up to you how to deal with it.

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