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Recruiting Email Templates

The template can be used when you are sourcing developers for your company. You can customise the email depending on the type of developer you need and the requirements. The template will help keep your email more structured and save you time in the recruiting process.

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Subject Line: We are hiring an (job name) at (company name)

Hello (Candidate name),

I hope this email finds you well.

My name is (your name) and I am the (your position) at (company name). 

  • I am writing you this email as I came across your profile on (LinkedIn) and your experience on [insert specific project/experience that drew your attention] greatly impressed me. We’re working on similar projects at [Company name], and we’re hoping to add a qualified [job title – add link to the job description] to our team. I’d be delighted to tell you more about this role and discuss how we may work together to achieve amazing things.
  • I noticed your profile on [e.g. or Twitter] and the experiences you acquired by attending [e.g. Game Development and Mobile Technology] [meetings/events/seminars] on a regular basis. We love working with folks who are eager to learn new things and have fresh ideas. We’re seeking for a [job title – add a link to the job description] to join our development team right now. I’d like to share some information with you regarding the position and learn more about your professional expertise.
  • When you applied for the [Job title] position, we met [e.g. lately / roughly 2 months ago]. We’ve kept you in mind for future job positions, even though we decided to continue with another applicant at that time. Your [good attitude during the interview or performance on the written assignment] stood out and left a great impression. We believe you would be an excellent fit for our [job title – add link to the job description]. Please reply back to this email to confirm your interest and I would love to schedule a call meeting with you to discuss more details regarding the position and to also keep up with your recent engagements since we last met.
  • Our team members were blown away by your performance at [e.g. Coding orBusiness Case Competition]. [Include specific accomplishments and/or feedback from your technical team.] We are always seeking creative people to work with in order to produce excellent products at [Company name]. We have the current job vacancy [job title – add link to the job description] who will primarily be engaged with (the project that they will be working on). I would love to schedule a call meeting with you so we can discuss more details regarding the position and for me to get to know more about you.

What is your availability like on [insert a day and time or a range of dates, for example, ‘sometime this week’]? If that’s the case, I’d be delighted to schedule a call with you. Also, if you would like to schedule a meeting on platforms like Zoom or Skype, we could definitely arrange something.

Have a great day!

(Your Name)


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