Requesting a reference for a new employee

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The template below is used to find somebody who can give a reference about a new employee or a candidate that is in the final stage of the hiring process. You can add your own details to the template.

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Good day, [Name],

I work at [your firm name] and my name is [your name]. We’re hiring for a [job title], and [Candidate name], one of your previous coworkers, has made it to the last interview stage.

I’d prefer a little more information before we make an official offer so we can make the best decision possible. I’m contacting you because [Candidate name suggested you as a possible reference/ that you were her supervisor for a couple of years/ etc.] If you could tell me a little about your overall experience working with [Candidate name] and whether you’d recommend [him/her], that would be extremely helpful and we would appreciate your feedback.

Could I contact you so we can have a brief discussion whenever you are available this week, either today or tomorrow? Please confirm that the phone number supplied by [Candidate name] is correct: [+00151400000]. Please feel free to send me any additional information via email if you want.

Our conversation, of course, remains private.

Thank you for your assistance,

Kind regards,

[Your name here]

[Email Signature]

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