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Valuing The Most Important Asset on International Workers’ Day

Valuing The Most Important Asset on International Workers’ Day

International Workers’ Day, or May Day, has a rich history stemming from the late 19th century, and is still to this day celebrated in most countries on May 1st in commemoration of the 1886 Haymarket affair in Chicago. The event is celebrated around the globe in most countries, but the US is one of the few countries which don’t celebrate, which is ironic as the origins stem from the US. This may be largely due to how US authorities handled the situation and the Labor Movement. However, even though we may not all agree on the same beliefs, and not look into the events in the same light; we should all in this occasion appreciate and celebrate truly the most important asset — the people.

haymarket-riot | coolloud | Flickr
Haymarket affair of 1886

People are at the Center of Everything

“I think the younger generation, the people poised to dominate the workforce, are more socially conscious. They are more demanding in terms of environment and how that environment contributes to their life.” — Helmut Jahn. It seems that the workforce is perpetually evolving; remote working, freelancing and continual improvement in working conditions, are all part of the new normal now. 

When it comes to striving for economic growth, groundbreaking innovations and contributing to the economy; we should not forget that there is one ultimate purpose to all this: to make life on Earth better. That is why when workers cannot enjoy the fruits of their own labor due to unsatisfactory working conditions, it’s apparent that something is wrong. People are at the center of everything; even as we seemingly approach an era where machines are poised to replace man in the workforce, the people’s demand for goods and services drives the supply.

So it is important that as people work for and contribute to the economy, their freedoms outside of work are not restricted, and that the ambitions of profit do not erode the capacity of man to enjoy the gift of life. 

A Congratulations from HireBee

For HireBee this occasion is truly special, as talent is at the centre of what we do. We help equip businesses with technology which makes talent acquisition less time consuming, and makes candidate relationship management easier and more manageable. Businesses can connect better with their candidates and obtain greater control of their candidate experience with our software, and it’s not even close! By helping businesses manage their relationships with their candidates better, we’re making the employment process less frustrating and stressful for everyone!

So it is with a warm heart that we congratulate all workers around the world on this very special day. We hope every worker out there continues to work with a passion, and simultaneously enjoys their freedoms outside of work. Happy International Workers’ Day from everyone at HireBee!

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