Celebrating Small Business Week During the Pandemic

Celebrating Small Business Week During the Pandemic

This week is National Small Business Week in the US, and more than ever, it seems that small businesses need our love and support. Covid-19 has seen a major diversion of economic output in small businesses in most industries. Whilst most enterprises have been able to finance the economic hit — by September alone, 100 thousand small business had went out of business. Furthermore, outside of temporary and permanent closures, the financial difficulties small business owners have had to face throughout this troublesome period cannot go unnoticed. That is why this week we should all celebrate small businesses as they attempt to recover from last year’s economic woes.

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Small Businesses are the Backbone of the Economy

Not only do small businesses embody American culture, but they’re also an indispensable part of the economy — the backbone of the economy, as some would say. Driving innovation, creating jobs and products, and stimulating competition: the free market would literally not be a possibility without small businesses. Whilst ginormous organizations take up more and more of the market share and achieve the economies of scale to outdo the competition, it is important to take the future into consideration and realize the importance of maintaining low barriers of entry for small businesses.

On small business week, HireBee would like to draw attention to staffing problems small businesses may be currently facing. As the pace of technological advancements shows no signs of stopping, new skills are in-demand all the time. And with the supply of these skills not keeping up with the hot demand, businesses are battling it out through investment into talent acquisition. It is a brutal war for talent, and small businesses need all the help they can get when it comes to competing for talent.

How Small Business can Rebound

As businesses have been forced to downsize, the return of economic activity will also see the return of staff. Businesses need to be ready to rebound and rebuild their team with the right hires in the right way. The disadvantages small businesses face in recruitment shouldn’t prevent them from winning hiring. And so, small businesses have the option of leveraging the latest technology and truly competing in the labor market with capabilities they wouldn’t otherwise have. Recruitment automation, candidate relationship management, recruitment marketing; just to name a few, are all processes small businesses can realize with modern recruitment software.

Distribution of private sector employment by size of firm
Infographic from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics depicting the distribution (%) of private sector employment by size of firm, 1993-2015

2016 data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that it is not only the market share big enterprises are acquiring more and more of. But, it appears that the share of employment in the private sector is also being secured by big enterprises. Since 1996, when the two shared equal employment, firms with more than 249 employees now have 53.7% of the share of employment. One can imagine that it has only gotten worse post-Covid.

What does this mean? This might just be the natural consequence of big enterprises gaining more of the market share, but this may also suggest that big enterprises have distinctive advantages over small businesses when it comes to employment. Benefits, job security, brand awareness, and more. The proposition made to the employees in bigger businesses may better than that of in small businesses… Or is it that bigger businesses market their proposition better?

Advance Your Employer Brand with Us

Luckily, small businesses can see past lack of HR and recruitment marketing by advancing their employer brand with us. HireBee’s recruitment marketing and job distribution solutions increase the visibility and appeal of your jobs to your target audience. There are many advantages when it comes to working in small businesses, and it may just be that you’re not marketing them properly. Don’t stand by in defeat, equip yourself with the latest technology to be able to hold your own in the job market among the giants. Build your team and help us build the future.

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Job Distribution with HireBee

Job Distribution in Recruitment

Nowadays, selling a job is much like selling a product; employer branding, recruitment marketing, the candidate experience, you’ve got to stand out… As such, increasing the visibility of your jobs is important for getting enough candidates for your job openings. However, according to Flexjobs, 70-80 percent of job listings are never made public. The statistic may suggest that businesses may be facing some problems in their job distribution, and HireBee is here to address these problems.

Job Posting Through a Single Platform

Oftentimes it may get tedious managing your job postings on multiple job sites; having to log in and fill out the requirements for each one, and keeping track of all your job listings on multiple accounts. What you need is a single platform through which you can manage all of your job postings with ease. Not only do you save time through centralizing your job distribution, but you also keep the process more organized and effective.

Showcased below are the features which make job distribution with HireBee a breeze. 

Multiposting with Integrated Job Boards

Multiposting with HireBee's job board integrations

HireBee integrates with hundreds of job boards, such as Indeed, Monster and HeadHunter. You’ll be able to leverage these integrations and post to all your favorite job boards with just a few clicks. You can easily manage your paid and your free job postings with HireBee, just by simply selecting the job boards you want to post to and putting in an expiry date.

Social Sharing

HireBee Social Sharing with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

As social media grows larger and larger, companies will find various social media as valuable sources of candidates. Expanding your employer brand to social media and announcing your job posts is a great way to engage with passive candidates. With HireBee’s social sharing feature you can link your job post to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, and keep your followers informed of the available positions.

As it’s likely that your target audience is most active on social media, not posting there can be a great opportunity missed. So seize the opportunity and get to managing your social sharing with HireBee.

Job Requisitions

Formal HR departments have a need of orchestrating the hiring process in such a way, that team collaboration is made easy and comprehensible. As recruiting teams collaborate to create and fill vacancies, they need ways to not make collaborated hiring a slow and painful process. And digitized job requisitions are one those ways how you can eliminate the struggles of bureaucracy, paperwork and inefficient communication!

Job requisitions are traditionally formal documents which are used to request the creation of a vacancy. The job requisition includes critical information about the vacancy; such as the job title, why the job is needed and other key information visible in the screenshots above. Basically, the HR team evaluates the job requisition and decides whether to approve it or not. Furthermore, team member roles can be created, customized and assigned with HireBee, so it is easy to configure this process.

Check Out Our Other Features

HireBee has tones of other cool features, and some of them can even help with the job distribution process itself. For example, HireBee’s reporting and analytics gives you insights on your applicants by source and hire by source, to help you identify your best sources. You can check out all our other features from our homepage or by clicking here. You can also test job distribution with HireBee by registering for a demo.

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