What does international women’s day mean to you? #ChooseToChallenge Vol. 2

International Women’s Day 2021 and #ChooseToChallenge

Throughout history, women have made unique contributions to the progression of academic fields. And International Women’s Day, which is an international holiday and was first celebrated in 1911, gives us yet another chance to talk about women’s achievements around the globe.

HireBee, as a global product which provides smart post-pandemic recruitment solutions for businesses, likewise prioritizes women’s equality and inclusivity in the workspace. And, in this occasion, joining the #IWD2021 #ChooseToChallenge movement, we’re happy to hear from female founders, HRs, recruitment specialists and other specialists, from our and our partners’ organizations, on what International Women’s Day means to them.

For the first volume, we asked this question to women in local organizations, and this time, for the second volume, we have asked this question to women in global organizations.

“What does international women’s day mean to you?”

Ani Toranian #ChooseToChallenge HireBee

We often forget that the purpose of this holiday, which was created 110 years ago, was to protect women’s rights, and promote their involvement, development and equal pay in all domains.

A whole century has passed since that day, many things have changed on the planet Earth and women have reached new heights in all spheres, proving the simple truth that when there is aspiration, all myths about the impossible are shattered.

The Evas of the world are women, daughters, sisters, excellent specialists in various fields, but above all, they are entrusted with the greatest role given to them by nature – motherhood.

When you look at the most beautiful of creations – the MAN – remember that the author is the WOMAN. I am happy to belong to that creative group of Homo Sapiens!

So, I consider March 8th a day of glorification of everything beautiful…

Ani, Talent Management Consultant at PicsArt Inc.

Piruz Boyajyan #ChooseToChallenge HireBee

For centuries women fought for their right to have freedom of speech, to vote and to govern. Today, at last, we almost have equal rights, so this day’s true meaning is the celebration of our achievements on political and cultural platforms. Receiving flowers, gifts and compliments is certainly flattering, but we must never forget the long way we’ve come to be where we are today.

Piruz, Head of HR Department at AREGAK UCO CJSC

Falon Darville #ChooseToChallenge HireBee

International Women’s Day is one of many opportunities throughout the year to uplift, highlight, and amplify women’s voices and experiences. It’s a call to listen more deeply to my fellow female colleagues, dissolve the urge to compete, and soften into action towards more inclusion.

Falon, Sr. Technical Writer at DISQO

Elvina Aghajanyan

International Women’s day needs to have more layers for celebration and not be limited to only giving flowers and gifts to women. For me, it’s the pride of celebrating the successes and achievements made by women, most importantly women having a voice and feeling confident to speak-up. It’s about lifting up women and recognizing the magnitude of value they contribute to evolution and progression.

Elvina, Head of Human Resources at HSBC Channel Islands and Isle of Man

Luiza Avetisyan #ChooseToChallenge HireBee

From one perspective, the day reminds us of the long way, full of hardship, that brave women have taken for centuries, so that my generation and the generations after can have equal rights. From another, it is a day to celebrate ourselves – as women, to feel special and empowered.

Luiza, Founder at HireBee

Indira Madyarova #ChooseToChallenge HireBee

In my opinion, International Women’s Day is inextricably linked with the fighter for women’s rights Clara Zetkin. It is a day when, regardless of ethnic, national and language borders, all women unite and celebrate the achievements of women leaders. For me, spring begins from this day. When everything starts to bloom around, not only flowers, but also women. When the sun is shining and you want to spend more time in nature.

Indira, Country Manager at HireBee Kazakhstan

Valeria Belous #ChooseToChallenge HireBee

I think that March 8 is quite a symbolic day, very suitable for women.

After all, 8 is a symmetrical number, which is a rotated infinity sign and means two worlds at the same time – material and spiritual.

Historically, the celebration reminds us of the contribution of women to the fight for equality, therefore, the recognition of the achievements of women, their contribution to science, culture, politics, medicine, etc.

On the other hand, it is a celebration of femininity, beauty, flowers and of course our mothers!

That’s why for me March 8 is a combination of both sides of a woman’s life, a celebration of endless harmony – the main state of a woman’s soul, customary for a happy woman.

And when a woman is happy, her loved ones and everyone around her are also happy!

Valeria, Director of Recruitment, Training and Development Department VTB Bank Kazakhstan

Shivani Ekkanath #ChooseToChallenge HireBee

The glass ceiling still continues to be an overwhelming reality for most women. International Women’s Day is a celebration of women across the board and seeks to understand the different struggles and lived experiences of some today. It is about giving women the opportunity to excel and shine regardless of their class and creed. To me, I believe understanding the intersectionalities in the identities and experiences of women will help us go a long way in dealing with issues like gender inequality. International Women’s Day remains an important foundation.

Shivani, UC Berkeley Intern at HireBee.ai

For me, this is a day to take a step back and appreciate the woman being in its most diverse aspects. Together with all of their tenderness and softness – self-realization & unbounded development is what inspires me most. Girls, let’s rock it!

Ani, Founder & CEO at Magnus HR

Some Closing Comments

We are very thankful to our partners for sharing their perspectives and contributing to the blog. We are certain that any initiative will help the world become more inclusive. We’d also love to hear from our readers, so make sure to let us know: what does international women’s day mean to you?

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What does international women’s day mean to you? #ChooseToChallenge Vol. 1

International Women’s Day 2021 and #ChooseToChallenge

Throughout history, women have made unique contributions to the progression of academic fields. And International Women’s Day, which is an international holiday and was first celebrated in 1911, gives us yet another chance to talk about women’s achievements around the globe.

HireBee, as a global product which provides smart post-pandemic recruitment solutions for businesses, likewise prioritizes women’s equality and inclusivity in the workspace. And, in this occasion, joining the #IWD2021 #ChooseToChallenge movement, we’re happy to hear from female founders, HRs, recruitment specialists and other specialists, from our and our partners’ organizations, on what International Women’s Day means to them.

For the first volume, we have asked this question to women in local organizations, and in the second volume, we will be asking the same question to women in global organizations.

“What does international women’s day mean to you?”

Ani Rshtuni #ChooseToChallenge HireBee

March 8, the memories of my childhood light up my mind: I am painting colorful spring flowers for my mom and grandma, buying them flowers, giving them a warm hug. Those memories made me consider Women’s day as a motherhood day, and means of celebrating spring with its melodic colors.

Ani , Head of HR & OD at Flux Technologies

Tatevik Vardazaryan #ChooseToChallenge HireBee

It’s another opportunity to remind us about a simple but essential truth, that women should be provided equal opportunities in this crazy world. It’s a nice way of saying thank you to all fabulous women who are breaking all sorts of stereotypes, who are going their way, who are showing leadership, and who are shining brightly in their field. Who dare to be whoever THEY wish and dare to do whatever THEY want.

And today the whole world can see that we are all better, kinder and more humanistic when women get the opportunities they deserve.

Tatevik, HR Manager at Rockbite Games

Anush Zoranyan #ChooseToChallenge HireBee

Special day full of respect, love, tender and strength.

Anush, Recruitment Lead Specialist at Telecom Armenia (Beeline)

Seda Papanyan #ChooseToChallenge HireBee

International Women’s Day, in my opinion, is all about empowering and helping women across the world. I believe it should be a global demonstration of inspirational stories to honor the remarkable women who have overcome obstacles and continue to pave the way for future generations.

Seda, HR Director at MentorcliQ

Marieta Safaryan #ChooseToChallenge HireBee

…these characters of millions of shades and colors
…they always try to look a little bit more beautiful and a little bit more clever
…they Love to fight a lot and they Love to smile a lot
…they Love with full hearts and they Hate with full hearts
…they Love to seem strong and mature, and they Love to stay childish
…they Love to be noticed, to be Appreciated, and to be Loved

International Women day for us, for me, is just another chance, another moment to be Noticed..to be Appreciated.. to be Loved..

Marieta, Head of HR Department at Telcell

Lusia Vardanyan #ChooseToChallenge HireBee

It’s yet another day to celebrate the gift of being a woman as a symbol of strength, intelligence, beauty, wisdom, hard work, sensitivity, multitasking, and love.

Lusia, CEO at Priotix

Ani Akimyan #ChooseToChallenge HireBee

I would love to live in a world where everybody is treated equally and there is no need to prove or fight for our rights. For me, International Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate & give gratitude to every woman around the world: from a mother who put her family first, to a boss who works passionately. Let’s help lift each other up.

Let’s stay together & I believe that collective power can make the world a better place.

Ani, Head of People Operations & Organizational Development at Technamin

Lara Tcholakian #ChooseToChallenge HireBee

Armenian women continue to greatly contribute to society, the economy, education, science and other sectors; yet despite their numerous accomplishments, their work is often unrecognized or unappreciated. For any society to prosper, it must be fully inclusive, and the International Women’s Day is a day for us to become better aware, educated and encouraged to work towards a genuine understanding and practice of gender equity. We take this opportunity to acknowledge the struggles and achievements of the many pioneering Armenian women who have paved the way for our own personal achievements, such as Diana Apgar, Zaruhi Kavaljian, Zabel Yessayan, and Alenush Terian.

Lara, HR Department Management at Viva-MTS

Ani Poghosyan #ChooseToChallenge HireBee

For me, the international women’s day is a celebration of unity, inclusion and achievements of women from diverse backgrounds. It’s a day to honor women in our lives and the women who inspire us in our life, career, etc. Years ago women didn’t used to have the same right to work, so we should remember the hard journey they went on for the lives and the balance and equality we have today. As it says “Balance drives a better world”, it’s preferable at this day once again to ensure that female workers have equally meaningful and effective professional growth potential and opportunities within the company as male workers.

Ani, Recruiter at ACBA Bank

Stella Hovhannisyan #ChooseToChallenge HireBee

For me it’s a very unique day when you can stress once again the importance of gender equality and active engagement of women in all spheres of economy. It’s more than just achieving a more or less equal ratio of men and women in the company. It’s about ensuring that women hold positions of power, play an active role in decision-making, and have a feeling of influence and belonging.

Stella, HR Manager at VOLO

Emma Margaryan #ChooseToChallenge HireBee

It’s a day when everyone shows appreciation, love, and respect towards women. A woman is said to be a beautiful creation of God!

It’s a day when women are recognized and celebrated for playing various roles in different spheres of life. Women have a robust spirit which makes them excel in their fields. They contribute massively to the lives of their family members and the country.

Emma, HR Manager at LMS LLC

Syazanna Yengibaryan #ChooseToChallenge HireBee

International women’s day has different meanings and significance in various places.

Some are still fighting against violence toward women.

Some are fighting for equal rights with men.

I think a woman doesn’t need to fight for anything, and this day has beautiful and motivational meaning for me.

This day is another occasion and opportunity to appreciate and be grateful to women for their efforts to make the world a better, more beautiful, more peaceful place for all humanity, to contribute to sustainable progress to the world.

I wish all women be wise, smart, kind, and beautiful as much as possible. To learn more, to do more, to create more, to grow more and more, and be successful in all spheres of social-economic life.

Syuzanna, Head of Human Resource Management Department at Alfa Pharm

Gayane Grigoryan #ChooseToChallenge HireBee

A day that reminds the world that the symbiosis of delicateness and strength makes the impossible possible.

Gayane, Co-Founder at 2mindS

Hripsime Glichyan #ChooseToChallenge HireBee

We are celebrating International Women’s Day just at the beginning of spring, when the nature is getting up and it seems that new life is coming. And this is a great portrayal of women’s nature. This is a day of many beautiful flowers, love, and recognition and emphasizing women as lovely wives, attentive mothers, caring sisters, mindful daughters, accurate workers and often strong leaders.

Hripsime, Head of HR Unit at Byblos Bank Armenia

Hasmik Kesoyan #ChooseToChallenge HireBee

Women, guided by the idea that people are born free and equal, fought for their rights and freedom. They finally changed the perception of the role of women and became actively involved in public life. Today, due to the feminine beauty, wisdom and devotion, many companies enjoy the presence of women and, due to their professional and personal qualities, always reach great heights.

Hasmik, HR Manager at AAB Construction

The day when love, respect, beauty, happiness, success, motivation, realized thoughts, the talents, which become a great feminine force, come together. This day is a reminder to females who’ve already realized their power, and an alarm to all those who haven’t yet discovered their potential and role in the world.

Diana, HR Manager & Technical Recruiter at JoinToHire

Some Closing Comments

We are very thankful to our partners for sharing their perspectives and contributing to the blog. We are certain that any initiative will help the world become more inclusive. We’d also love to hear from our readers, so make sure to let us know: what does international women’s day mean to you?

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Reporting and Analytics with HireBee

Reporting and Analytics in Recruitment

Reporting and analytics in recruitment has become much easier through the introduction of cutting-edge technology into the hiring process. The variety of information which can be collected through a centralized database, and the automation of the process, provide recruiting teams with easy access to real-time and time-specific information about their hiring process. 

For some, the need to report and analyze the recruitment processes is indispensable. Recruiting teams will want to gain insights on the effectiveness of the hiring processes in place, to continually review and optimize. You could say recruitment analytics is what ties the entire process together and makes it cyclical. Key recruitment metrics and other reports are what indicate the effectiveness of your process. Let’s take look at what you can do with HireBee’s reporting and analytics feature.

Identify your best candidate sources

With great power comes great responsibility, and as with HireBee you acquire great power to seamlessly integrate with hundreds of job boards to post your jobs to, you need to be responsible in determining which job boards are best suited for each of your jobs.

Candidate Sourcing Analytics with HireBee

With HireBee, you can optimize your recruitment marketing by analysing your sources. Find out the number of applications and views per source to understand which sources are performing or underperforming. This can be viewed for each job. Save costs on your hires by cutting the underperforming sources and allocate more of your budget on the job boards bringing in the most candidates. Understand your sources with HireBee.

A more complex look into time-to-hire

Time-to-hire is a well-known metric that is used as an indicator to measure the effectiveness of the recruitment strategy. Hire too fast and you may be making ill-informed hiring decisions which result in suboptimal hires, hire too slow and you may be hurting your business and halting potential for growth. But, this metric isn’t enough. It doesn’t give recruiting teams indicators of where the process is going wrong, which is not good enough for identifying bottlenecks. 

With HireBee, not only do you measure the time-to-hire, but also the average time for each status change. Simply put, the average time which candidates have spent in each hiring stage. This makes the picture clearer, and improves visibility of the recruitment process, as recruiting teams can then identify which stage of recruitment they can improve. 

Have instant visibility of your pipeline

You may find yourself struggling to maintain a good workflow which maintains visibility of the pipeline. Unnecessary time may be spent on workload which could easily be automated, and even then, some candidates and resumes may fall through the cracks. Having candidates fall through the cracks can translate to a lower quality-of-hire overt time, and can undermine your efforts.

Candidate Pipeline View with HireBee

Well, at HireBee, we believe that it doesn’t have to be this way. Centralize your recruitment with HireBee to always have a bird’s-eye-view of your pipeline to know how many candidates are in each stage of the hiring process, and for how long. Make sure no candidate is falling through the cracks.

Understand the demographics of your candidates

Without reports and analytics, you only have crude generalizations of your candidates. And without automated reports and analytics, you have a complicated recruitment process which wastes a lot of time, which could otherwise be spent on executing the core functions of recruitment.

Candidate Demographic Reporting with HireBee

You can automate your reporting and analytics with HireBee, where your demographics are broken down by relevant factors of differentiation including age, city, gender, top skills and salary. Profile your target demographic with HireBee’s analytics and boost your recruitment marketing efforts.

All in all, HireBee will enable you to gain insights on all of the key recruitment metrics, automate your reporting and provide you with all the key information necessary to review and track your recruitment. Register for a demo with us to test out all of the mentioned reports and analytics, and to also take a look at all of the other reports and data available with HireBee.

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HireBee’s Branded Career Pages

Branded Career Pages that Maximize the Candidate Experience

A well-written job description on a job board alone will not captivate the talent you’re looking for. In today’s world of social media and remarkably short attention spans, you’ll need something better. And HireBee’s branded career pages may be just what you need.

Looking to show off your company culture and advance your employer brand? Simple text crammed in with your job description will rarely do the trick. What you need is an awesome branded career page which captivates your candidates, and shows off your company culture with awesome visuals. You’ll also be able to provide all the information your candidates need to evaluate your company’s offerings as an employer. 

Awesome Visuals to Make Your Page Appealing

HireBee branded career page

HireBee’s branded career pages have a neat layout, which make the page visually appealing and stand out from the crowd. In these pages, you can use awesome visuals such as photo galleries, videos and employee testimonials. You can even include your blogs and articles which you have been writing to boost your employer brand and engage with your passive candidates!

Your career page will also include all of your active job openings and employment benefits. As such, HireBee’s career page becomes an awesome site which your candidates can easily browse through for garnering information regarding your available positions and your offerings as an employer.

Include All of the Important Links and Relevant Info

You have social media pages with which you aim to engage with your candidates? Link them! You have a company web page? Link it! You have contact information with which you want to make yourselves available to the candidates? Link. Them.

By including all of the relevant links or information with which you would like your candidates to interact with, you can essentially guide the candidates and boost the candidate experience

A True Central Hub for Your Employer Brand

All of the content you will include in your career page will nicely piece together to create a central hub for your employer brand. The career page will not only be appreciated by you, but most importantly your candidates, as they will be able to browse through the page to easily access all of the relevant information about you as an employer. The convenience of this will boost your candidate experience, and advance your employer brand. Register for a demo with us today, to experiment with the feature, and create your own branded career page.

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Key Recruitment Metrics that Matter in 2021

People Analytics as the Key to Recovery

The novel coronavirus has slowed down economic activity, and as businesses hit hard look to recuperate and come back stronger, people analytics is at the core for HR. Why? HRs around the world are looking to develop a data-driven approach towards recovery. So, what are the key recruitment metrics that matter in 2021? Which metrics should you pay most attention to, to be poised for recovery?

Data-driven recruitment

Recruitment Metrics that Matter Most in 2021

Source of Hire

Perhaps the metric which has shifted most after Covid-19 is the source of hire. Your most effective sources before might not still be the same as today, as the use of social media has skyrocketed and candidate behavior for your target audiences may have changed.

The metric is used to track the performance of your sources, which may indicate which sources are bringing the most or best hires. Such a metric is important for businesses to focus their recruitment marketing methods on sources which are the most lucrative, and abandon or decrease efforts for the underperforming ones. This will help allocate time and resources better.  HireBee’s analytics can also show you your source of candidates.


With your recruitment strategies revised after the major job market disruptions that came with Covid, comparing your current time-to-hire with your time-to-hire before the major disruptions can indicate the effectiveness of your response. We have previously speculated that many of the remote trends brought about by Covid are here to stay, so tracking time-to-hire to create an optimal hiring process will be important for businesses.

This metric may be a useful indicator for an inefficient hiring process, however it may not be too indicative for which part of the hiring process is inefficient. That is why, it may be useful to also track the time taken for candidates to be moved through hiring stages. This way, you can also identify where the bottlenecks in your hiring process are, to then identify and eliminate them. HireBee’s analytics also enable this.

Candidate Demographics

Ok, I guess this is not a metric… but it is nonetheless an important thing to factor in for your recruitment analytics. It is likely that for your recruitment marketing, you are going to have to define your target audience for each job. You can assume your target audience, but you can also use data to aid you. With remote hiring on the rise, the target audience may be subject to change. The norm in your local area is not necessarily the norm globally, and furthermore recruiters might need to deduce from which cities or countries most of their global candidates are coming from.

Automated recruitment metrics and analytics

Automating Your Metrics and Other Analytics

We can conclude that the source of hire, time-to-hire and the demographics of your candidates can be considered as the key analytics to look after in 2021. The question is, how can you best acquire and analyze this data? Well, all the aforementioned analytics can be automatically reported with HireBee. HireBee is a recruiting software solution which can help businesses enhance their recruitment by enabling automation, team collaboration and centralization.

Leveraging reports and analytics with HireBee, and getting your hands on these powerful reports may just be what you need to easily gain insights to all the key recruitment metrics and data that matter in 2021. 

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Recruiters, are you paying attention to Clubhouse?

What is Clubhouse?

Before talking about its potential for recruitment, if you’re not familiar, Clubhouse is an audio-based social networking app. Currently, the app is considered fairly exclusive, as users can only join the platform with an invitation from a friend. It is also only available on iOS devices, and the startup just recently announced that they will start working on the Android version. Clubhouse, which has become the new craze in Silicon Valley, features some of the most influential people such as Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Kevin Hart among many others.

So how does this new paradigm of social media work? Yes, Clubhouse is a social media — audio-based social media. Its units are Clubs and Rooms. Anyone can create a room, but creating a Club is still quite limited and you have to be put on a waitlist. You can join rooms, where you have the speakers and the listening audience; the listening audience can ‘raise their hands’ to request to be invited to the ‘stage’ to have a chance to ask questions, give their two cents on a topic or just socialize with the speakers.

One of the main usages for Clubhouse right now is easily creating virtual spaces (called rooms) for conferences. Some of the main appeals of the app are:

  • Its super-simple interface, which makes it easy for moderators to control the room.
  • The ease of being able to talk with some of the most influential people in their respective fields.
  • The visibility of rooms through feeds.
  • The ease of just being able to hop in and engage in any interesting discussion.

Such an audio-based interactive media is by no means a never-before-seen idea, but it may just be that Clubhouse is the best to ever do it. With other such apps like Discord, the visibility of conversations may be limited. There is no such feed as there is in Clubhouse, rooms are harder to moderate, rooms do not have descriptions like they do in Clubhouse and conversations are limited within communities. You don’t have the same reach as you do with Clubhouse.

Could Clubhouse Be the Next Big Thing for Recruitment?

As the app gains momentum, and more and more people are let in through invitations, everyone is left wondering, “How can I use Clubhouse for my line of work?”. It is generally a good idea to be ahead of the crowd and be prepared for the newest trends which disrupt the status quo. So, how can recruiters be prepared for Clubhouse? Here are some ideas on how to use Clubhouse for your recruitment. 

Employer Branding with Clubhouse

Advancing Your Employer Brand

One of the most wonderful things about Clubhouse is the ease of creating conferences and events within a couple of taps, and the ease of acquiring an audience who can participate and engage with the speakers — all free of charge. As such, Clubhouse may be a great place for the staff members of your company to interact with passive and active candidates. From the CEOs, to the administrative staff and to any employee in the company, candidates can directly ask questions to the team and better understand the company culture. This may be a more authentic way for employees to give testimonials, and for the company culture to be presented. 

This can definitely be a good idea to explore. Employers can create incentives for employees to participate in these types of events, much like how incentive is created for employees to refer job openings to their network. May Clubhouse soon become the ultimate social media for keeping candidates engaged? Only time will tell.

Networking with Clubhouse

Creating Virtual HR Conferences and Networking

HR conferences are a great place for HR professionals to get industry insights from leading professionals, network, exchange ideas and acquire advice from other HR people. Just as hiring is slowly becoming borderless, now with Clubhouse, HR conferences might too become borderless. Simply, getting a lot of these things done with Clubhouse is just easier and more convenient. Of course, this is not to say that remote conferences will completely replace in-person conferences, but it will enable people in the HR space to network across the globe  and attend conferences with people they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

We at HireBee are now very active on Clubhouse. We have already created a couple of rooms to discuss the future of work, age discrimination in recruitment, employer branding and other interesting topics. Being a diverse intercontinental team, we are super excited to take advantage of this opportunity and network with HR across the globe! As you probably know, networking is super important, and we believe that Clubhouse will severely facilitate networking.

Virtual Career Fairs with Clubhouse

Hosting Virtual Career Fairs

Previously, we had written an article on the challenges posed by virtual job interviews, and in a way, virtual career fairs see similar challenges. Limited body language evaluation and non-verbal communication may make the practice less productive, but, in almost all cases, a virtual career fair is better than no career fair!

Hosting virtual career fairs with Clubhouse is also a great idea when companies are looking to hire talent irrespective of location. It can really help widen the talent pool and attract people to join who otherwise wouldn’t be able to.


In conclusion, employer branding, virtual HR conferences and networking, and hosting virtual career fairs are some ways how Clubhouse could be used for recruitment. The platform is still in its early stages of growth, and hasn’t made a huge impact on HR yet, but who knows what the future holds for Silicon Valley’s new favorite startup.

We’d be happy to hear your views on how Clubhouse could change the way people hire in the future. Are you a believer or a skeptic? Let us know!

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Why the Candidate Experience is Important

The candidate experience has become a very important part of recruitment. With employer branding on the rise, and competition in the labor market growing, ensuring a good candidate experience has become a requirement for some, and an ambition for many. In this article, we will discuss the reasons why the candidate experience is so important, and how HireBee can help.

Winning the Competition

It is very likely that the top candidates that you are pursuing are receiving offers from multiple companies, and you want to be the odd one out. But not in the bad way. And providing a bad candidate experience may just make you stand out in the bad way.  

The trick is to think about your job opening as a product in the labor market. Now imagine, people want to buy your product, but you’re not making it easy for them. They reach out to you, but you’re not reaching back. But look! They reached out to your competition and they responded, so now why would they buy your product? 

So if you don’t want to be the odd one out for all the wrong reasons, you will need to ensure that your candidate experience doesn’t leave your candidates frustrated. Make a good first impression, and leave a positive impact on the candidate.

Maintaining Your Employer Brand

If your employer branding is on point with its marketing, career pages and content generation, it all won’t matter if the “product” you’re providing isn’t great. With the internet, negative and positive experiences spread fast, and for some reason, negative experiences spread faster. The negative candidate experiences which you have offered may be shared on employer review sites like Glassdoor, through social media and word of mouth in general. This may seriously hurt your employer brand.

Keeping Your Candidates Engaged

It’s not always the employer who forgets about some job applications. In the age of the internet, it is extremely easy to submit job applications, although it may not be extremely easy to get the job. Candidates who have applied to multiple jobs might forget about the job application they submitted for your job opening, and if they receive offers faster from other companies, they might forget considering your company because they may have simply forgotten.

This is why it is important to keep your candidates engaged throughout the process, answer any questions they may have and keep them informed with where they are in the hiring process. Keeping your candidates engaged is a great way to stand out for all the right reasons.

HireBee Career Page Builder
HireBee’s Career Page Builder

How HireBee can Help

HireBee offers solutions for automated candidate communication through email integration, and a career page builder for your job posting. With HireBee, you can prepare customized workflows with customized email templates, to send out automated emails to candidates when their application status is changed. Keeping candidates informed with their progress is made super easy with HireBee! HireBee also provides users with a career page builder to include visuals, articles, testimonials, photos and videos. Include awesome branded career pages in your job postings to boost candidate experience and improve your employer branding!

In conclusion, the candidate experience is integral for maintaining your employer branding, increasing your quality of hires and keeping your candidates engaged. HireBee’s solutions help you improve your candidate experience and stay competitive in the labor market .

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A Bunch of LinkedIn Logos. Copy Space Banner Background 3D Rendering

How You Can Use LinkedIn for Your Recruitment

LinkedIn has become the hallmark of work-life integration. The professional networking site has certainly evolved to more than just that, with posts and discussions not being strictly confined to a professional setting. Posts with relatable content, biographies with hints of personal ambitions and discussions much like the ones you encounter in regular social media, show how the work life and social life are not mutually exclusive in today’s world.

But above all, the platform hosts about 740 million users, which translates to a huge database of professionals; the largest of talent pools. And as a lot of LinkedIn’s functionality is free, it may be too great of a resource to not make use of. Here is how you can use LinkedIn for your recruitment.

Team Success

Employer Branding

Employer branding is a lucrative recruitment practice which can help build awareness of your brand as an employer, and LinkedIn may as well be the best “social media” platform for it. With LinkedIn, you can create your company page and begin marketing your employer brand, as well as conducting some other useful business practices with the page.

Making promotional videos which showcase your workplace culture, posting employee testimonials, sharing blog posts about your workplace, posting job openings and generating other content are some of the ways businesses establish their employer brand on LinkedIn. HireBee’s social recruiting feature integrates with LinkedIn, to give users the option to post their job openings on LinkedIn.

Make an Impact

Engaging with Passive Candidates

Keeping the content flowing and informing your followers with job openings on your company page are great ways to keep passive candidates engaged. Moreover, it is important that this content is relevant for your passive candidates. According to Undercover Recruiter, passive candidates are “56% more likely to want a corporate culture that fits to their personality”. So make sure that you’re generating content which is likely to leave an impact on your passive candidates, and that your company culture shines through in your LinkedIn page.


Sourcing Candidates

Unlike other platforms, LinkedIn members have their profiles optimized for their professional career, and will likely have sufficient information for you to evaluate them on some scale. With this in mind, LinkedIn becomes an excellent tool for recruiters to source candidates in various ways and add them to their talent pool. Searching for people with keywords, evaluating the members engaging with your posts and having others give recommendations for job openings are great ways of finding candidates you want to source.

HireBee’s chrome extension makes it easy for recruiters to source candidates and add them to their talent pool. Simply click on the extension, and you will receive fields to fill out some key information about the candidate. With specialized and simple data entry, you’ll find that creating candidate profiles and adding them to your talent pool on HireBee’s database can be done in no time!


In conclusion, there are lots of great ways to use LinkedIn for your recruitment. The platform, which has professional profiles of about 740 million users, is a great place to develop your employer branding, engage with passive candidates and source candidates. It may simply be too great of a resource for you to not make a use of!

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Challenges Posed by Virtual Job Interviews

Both virtual and in-person job interviews have their advantages and their disadvantages, however the former is rapidly taking speed and at the expense of the latter. With Covid-19 having largely amplified the trend of getting things done remotely, virtual job interviews are on the rise.  Also, as the trend of remote working has taken speed, more companies started hiring globally. With remote working enabling global hires, virtual job interviews became necessary for some looking to expand their talent pool to foreign labor markets.

Today we look at some of the challenges that may arise when conducting virtual job interviews vs in-person interviews.

Challenges of Virtual Job Interviews

Job Interview Body Language

Limited Body Language Evaluation

Probably one of the biggest challenges in virtual job interviews is the limited body language that the interviewer can evaluate. Body language can say a lot about the candidate’s personality, confidence levels, focus, their attitude and many more traits which can be important in determining whether they’re the right organizational fit. 

Very important indicators are missing during virtual job interviews, indicators which make the job interview process lucrative. The posture of the candidate, eye contact, their clothes, hand movements, the way they greet the interviewers, their handshake and even their departing farewell, are all things that the best job interviewers pick up on and take note of. Not having these indicators can hurt the decision-making process, and could potentially lead to the company not always making the right or the best hires.

Job Interview Rapport

Building Rapport

Another problem that may come with virtual job interviews, which is connected with limited body language expressions through video interviews, is building rapport. Through the web, it may be harder to connect with the job candidate because the interaction is not face-to-face. Smiles, nods, head tilts and other social cues may be harder to pick up on and empathize with. It’s just more difficult to remember these things which come to us naturally when we socialize in-person. However, candidates and interviewers alike will need to make active efforts to remember to transmit and pick up on social cues. 

Demonstrating Company Culture

With in-person interviews, candidates enter the office, are greeted by staff, and can examine the area and the people within. It is equally as important for the candidate to be able to acquire a first impression of the working place and the company culture in-person. This can’t be done with virtual job interviews.

This challenge is not only posed with remote job interviews, but also with many different remote activities, such as remote working. Remote connections with people are weaker than personal connections and this may get in the way of work-life integration. This alone however shouldn’t be of great concern if the business successfully establishes team building practices, where remote co-workers can get to know each other better. This may be particularly important, since work-life integration will not go smoothly without better connectivity.

Technical Issues

Last but not least, there may be technical issues standing between the way of virtual job interview success. In-person interviews are pretty standard, the only issue of accessing the interview may be locating the office where it will be held. Whilst for virtual job interviews, unclear instructions of how and when the interview will be conducted may result in some confusion.

This is why it would be useful to standardize the video interviewing process, where the interviewer will know through what platform the interview will be conducted, how the interview will be conducted and how the candidate will be alerted. With recruitment software like HireBee, customized workflows, email templates, candidate communication automation and integrations with Zoom and Google/Outlook Calendars allow you to easily create and send interview links with the scheduled date and time in an automated manner, adding the meeting to your calendar.

Other technical issues such as bad internet latency, broken equipment (microphone, webcam, computer, etc.) or just bad audio or camera quality may also deteriorate the interviewing process.


It would be unfair to end this article with such negativity. As mentioned, in-person and virtual job interviews both have their upsides and downsides. The purpose of this article is to mainly shed light on some of the challenges faced by virtual job interviews, as to debunk misconceptions they are always better than in-person interviews. However, it feels necessary to also include the main advantage of virtual job interviews, which can be so huge for some that these challenges don’t even matter.

This advantage is saving time. Virtual job interviews are conducted faster, without any transportation needs, and can hence increase the availability of both parties for an interview, making interview scheduling easier and faster. Furthermore, Zoom and other video conferencing tools allow users to record meetings, which can then be reviewed later by the team. 

Virtual job interviews can also be asynchronous, which pretty much means that it is pre-recorded by both parties. This further eliminates interview scheduling needs, and empowers recruiters to review interviews at their own time, making the process faster. Although this in itself has its disadvantages, such as not being able to build rapport, not being able to be spontaneous, and making the process feel less like a conversation and less human.

In conclusion, conducting job interviews remotely has challenges that you should be ready to take on if you want to reap its time-saving benefits. Evaluate thoroughly whether you’ll be ready to face these challenges, and if you are going to be expanding your talent pool and remotely hiring globally, you’ll have no other choice!

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How your Small Business Can Win Hiring without an HR Team

HR departments are critical for small businesses with growth ambitions in the long-term. However, small businesses might not have HR departments due to low growth ambitions and low employment. Regardless, not having an HR department shouldn’t hold you back from making the right hires. Here is how your small business can win hiring without an HR team.

Interestingly, making the right hires can be most important when the company is in its earlier growth stages, as wasting money and time on unsuccessful hires can really hamper business growth and set the company a few steps back. So how can small businesses without an HR department get out of this predicament? When there is no HR department yet making the right hires is extremely important? We believe the answer to this is automation and team collaboration!

Hiring Automation

How Automated Hiring Helps

It is estimated that 70% of small businesses in the US handle HR functions with unspecialized staff members. This is done alongside their main core responsibilities when necessary. These tasks can make up up to 13 hours a week for these businesses, and distract staff members from their core responsibilities. Usually it is the small business owners or administrative staff that take up these responsibilities.

What’s worse than having less time for your core responsibilities because of your peripheral responsibilities? Taking too much time on your peripheral responsibilities! Small businesses usually hire HR personnel when they realize they cannot handle HR functions with unspecialized employees anymore. Well, AI & automation can make recruitment before the introduction of an HR department a lot less straining than it is, and save you a boatload of time!

Tasks like candidate communication, candidate screening, reporting & analytics, filtering/searching and candidate profile creation & storage can all be made easier with recruitment software like HireBee. And the ease at which they can be implemented make it user-friendly for all users.

HireBee.AI: tool for smart and automated hiring.

How a Collaborative Recruitment Platform Helps

However amazing automated hiring is, at the end of the day, it is the human responsible for the decision-making. Simplifying and shortening the hiring process doesn’t necessarily mean making the right hires. Missing an HR department can translate to a flimsy decision-making process, with personal biases present and organizational fits not realized. 

This is why it may be a good idea to get some of the team involved, instead of delegating all responsibilities to yourself or another staff member not specialized for HR. Encourage other staff members to give their feedback on certain candidates. With a decision-making process based on multi-level feedback, you’ll be eliminating personal biases in your hiring and realizing more organizational fits with less pressure on sole individuals!

Sharing candidate profiles, leaving feedback on candidates with feedback forms, a specialized interface which makes the candidate database (that’s right, no spreadsheets) easily accessible and navigitable, in-house team communication and assigning user roles and permissions are some of the features which make team collaboration with HireBee super cosy and robust. Candidate profiles make it extremely easy to access relevant information and enable team collaboration on a case-by-case basis!

All in all, small businesses without an HR department will need to leverage technology for their hiring to ease the pressure on unspecialized staff, with automation and team collaboration being the key to success. And HireBee can enable just that, and ensure that your team stays winning on all fronts!

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