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In A Post Pandemic World, We Need To Prioritize The Gen Z Talent and Workforce

What does the largest generation of workers today want? unpacks how recruiting aims and objectives are evolving with the new and thriving Gen Z workforce of today! 

The job landscape today is changing as freshly graduated Gen Z workers continue to join the ranks of the workforce. 

Gen Z is part of the latest wave of young professionals, now often outnumbering their millennial predecessors in certain respects. It was estimated that this group would make up 40 percent of the workforce population back in 2020. 

Gen Z and remote working | Gen Z work culture today

Gen Z Work Culture Today 

Successfully being able to attract as well as retain Gen Z workers today is no easy task. Given the uncertainty and unpredictability brought about by the pandemic, the Gen Z workforce now wants stable and “future proof” jobs. Gen Z now prioritize the flexibility of a more remote and virtual workplace, and are more pragmatic as well as risk-averse. 

Moreover, the new Gen Z mindset and workplace will definitely look different. Knowing how and why might just be the biggest steps to take at this point. As new cohorts of Gen Z continue to enter the job market every year, they continue to alter and change the recruitment landscape. 

Yet, according to a survey done by the Allegis Group, most of Gen Z believes that companies tend to lack some of the organizational benefits to attract and retain new workers. For instance, only 17 percent of companies today consider diversity and inclusion as a key part of their EVP (employee value proposition)

Attracting Gen Z: The Scoop!

Employers need to change their recruitment practices and approaches with the changing tide today, especially as Gen Z workers continue to prove to be empowered and highly engaged. 

Employers must focus on their career development and flexibility at work so that both parties are able to align their benefits with one another. The Allegis Group also reported that 87 percent of Gen Z workers look to their employers for important professional development opportunities. They also want employers to provide them with real-time feedback,  help them develop crucial soft skills such as management, leadership, and communication. Employers must step up by understanding and supporting non-linear career paths as well as offering and engaging employees through leadership and mentorship programs. 

Gen Z workers are known to care and prioritize company culture more than any other generation of workers. They seek opportunities to work collaboratively with employers while maintaining a work-life balance and working hard. 

For younger job seekers, corporate social responsibility, as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, are important objectives. Gen Z workers are also known to safeguard their values and ideals while undertaking the job hunt. 

Gen Z in the workplace

HireBee: Attract Gen Z In The Best Way Possible 

It is crucial to ditch traditional recruitment practices and further reinvigorate the methods. As an Application Tracking System (ATS), sourcing global talent from across the globe, the HireBee platform is an important tool for companies who are looking to tap into the potential of the new, young, and burgeoning Gen-Z workforce in a post-pandemic world.  

In addition, HireBee’s recruitment marketing features can help effectively source and identify Gen Z talent for recruiters. Leveraging technology is the best way to reach a potential Gen Z candidate. HireBee has branded career pages, branded job postings, as well as social sharing with visuals. 

The branded job posting, in particular, is helpful in improving the candidate experience. Bolstering a company’s brand image through recruitment marketing is an integral part of attracting talent from across the world. Companies can take this opportunity to reiterate their values and employment opportunities so that they are able to attract the best candidates. 

As the Gen Z workforce continues to take the job market by storm, it is also time for companies to take a good look at their previous as well as existing recruitment practices. Tackling structural issues such as biases that span the talent acquisition process might be a good starting point for employers. 

Overall, it is important to ensure that Gen Z workers are able to thrive in the workplace today as they become a dominant and essential generational force, especially as our world grows more competitive, divisive, complex, and uncertain. 

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Celebrating Small Business Week During the Pandemic

Celebrating Small Business Week During the Pandemic

This week is National Small Business Week in the US, and more than ever, it seems that small businesses need our love and support. Covid-19 has seen a major diversion of economic output in small businesses in most industries. Whilst most enterprises have been able to finance the economic hit — by September alone, 100 thousand small business had went out of business. Furthermore, outside of temporary and permanent closures, the financial difficulties small business owners have had to face throughout this troublesome period cannot go unnoticed. That is why this week we should all celebrate small businesses as they attempt to recover from last year’s economic woes.

Small business owner

Small Businesses are the Backbone of the Economy

Not only do small businesses embody American culture, but they’re also an indispensable part of the economy — the backbone of the economy, as some would say. Driving innovation, creating jobs and products, and stimulating competition: the free market would literally not be a possibility without small businesses. Whilst ginormous organizations take up more and more of the market share and achieve the economies of scale to outdo the competition, it is important to take the future into consideration and realize the importance of maintaining low barriers of entry for small businesses.

On small business week, HireBee would like to draw attention to staffing problems small businesses may be currently facing. As the pace of technological advancements shows no signs of stopping, new skills are in-demand all the time. And with the supply of these skills not keeping up with the hot demand, businesses are battling it out through investment into talent acquisition. It is a brutal war for talent, and small businesses need all the help they can get when it comes to competing for talent.

How Small Business can Rebound

As businesses have been forced to downsize, the return of economic activity will also see the return of staff. Businesses need to be ready to rebound and rebuild their team with the right hires in the right way. The disadvantages small businesses face in recruitment shouldn’t prevent them from winning hiring. And so, small businesses have the option of leveraging the latest technology and truly competing in the labor market with capabilities they wouldn’t otherwise have. Recruitment automation, candidate relationship management, recruitment marketing; just to name a few, are all processes small businesses can realize with modern recruitment software.

Distribution of private sector employment by size of firm
Infographic from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics depicting the distribution (%) of private sector employment by size of firm, 1993-2015

2016 data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that it is not only the market share big enterprises are acquiring more and more of. But, it appears that the share of employment in the private sector is also being secured by big enterprises. Since 1996, when the two shared equal employment, firms with more than 249 employees now have 53.7% of the share of employment. One can imagine that it has only gotten worse post-Covid.

What does this mean? This might just be the natural consequence of big enterprises gaining more of the market share, but this may also suggest that big enterprises have distinctive advantages over small businesses when it comes to employment. Benefits, job security, brand awareness, and more. The proposition made to the employees in bigger businesses may better than that of in small businesses… Or is it that bigger businesses market their proposition better?

Advance Your Employer Brand with Us

Luckily, small businesses can see past lack of HR and recruitment marketing by advancing their employer brand with us. HireBee’s recruitment marketing and job distribution solutions increase the visibility and appeal of your jobs to your target audience. There are many advantages when it comes to working in small businesses, and it may just be that you’re not marketing them properly. Don’t stand by in defeat, equip yourself with the latest technology to be able to hold your own in the job market among the giants. Build your team and help us build the future.

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HireBee’s Branded Career Pages

Branded Career Pages that Maximize the Candidate Experience

A well-written job description on a job board alone will not captivate the talent you’re looking for. In today’s world of social media and remarkably short attention spans, you’ll need something better. And HireBee’s branded career pages may be just what you need.

Looking to show off your company culture and advance your employer brand? Simple text crammed in with your job description will rarely do the trick. What you need is an awesome branded career page which captivates your candidates, and shows off your company culture with awesome visuals. You’ll also be able to provide all the information your candidates need to evaluate your company’s offerings as an employer. 

Awesome Visuals to Make Your Page Appealing

HireBee branded career page

HireBee’s branded career pages have a neat layout, which make the page visually appealing and stand out from the crowd. In these pages, you can use awesome visuals such as photo galleries, videos and employee testimonials. You can even include your blogs and articles which you have been writing to boost your employer brand and engage with your passive candidates!

Your career page will also include all of your active job openings and employment benefits. As such, HireBee’s career page becomes an awesome site which your candidates can easily browse through for garnering information regarding your available positions and your offerings as an employer.

Include All of the Important Links and Relevant Info

You have social media pages with which you aim to engage with your candidates? Link them! You have a company web page? Link it! You have contact information with which you want to make yourselves available to the candidates? Link. Them.

By including all of the relevant links or information with which you would like your candidates to interact with, you can essentially guide the candidates and boost the candidate experience

A True Central Hub for Your Employer Brand

All of the content you will include in your career page will nicely piece together to create a central hub for your employer brand. The career page will not only be appreciated by you, but most importantly your candidates, as they will be able to browse through the page to easily access all of the relevant information about you as an employer. The convenience of this will boost your candidate experience, and advance your employer brand. Register for a demo with us today, to experiment with the feature, and create your own branded career page.

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Why the Candidate Experience is Important

The candidate experience has become a very important part of recruitment. With employer branding on the rise, and competition in the labor market growing, ensuring a good candidate experience has become a requirement for some, and an ambition for many. In this article, we will discuss the reasons why the candidate experience is so important, and how HireBee can help.

Winning the Competition

It is very likely that the top candidates that you are pursuing are receiving offers from multiple companies, and you want to be the odd one out. But not in the bad way. And providing a bad candidate experience may just make you stand out in the bad way.  

The trick is to think about your job opening as a product in the labor market. Now imagine, people want to buy your product, but you’re not making it easy for them. They reach out to you, but you’re not reaching back. But look! They reached out to your competition and they responded, so now why would they buy your product? 

So if you don’t want to be the odd one out for all the wrong reasons, you will need to ensure that your candidate experience doesn’t leave your candidates frustrated. Make a good first impression, and leave a positive impact on the candidate.

Maintaining Your Employer Brand

If your employer branding is on point with its marketing, career pages and content generation, it all won’t matter if the “product” you’re providing isn’t great. With the internet, negative and positive experiences spread fast, and for some reason, negative experiences spread faster. The negative candidate experiences which you have offered may be shared on employer review sites like Glassdoor, through social media and word of mouth in general. This may seriously hurt your employer brand.

Keeping Your Candidates Engaged

It’s not always the employer who forgets about some job applications. In the age of the internet, it is extremely easy to submit job applications, although it may not be extremely easy to get the job. Candidates who have applied to multiple jobs might forget about the job application they submitted for your job opening, and if they receive offers faster from other companies, they might forget considering your company because they may have simply forgotten.

This is why it is important to keep your candidates engaged throughout the process, answer any questions they may have and keep them informed with where they are in the hiring process. Keeping your candidates engaged is a great way to stand out for all the right reasons.

HireBee Career Page Builder
HireBee’s Career Page Builder

How HireBee can Help

HireBee offers solutions for automated candidate communication through email integration, and a career page builder for your job posting. With HireBee, you can prepare customized workflows with customized email templates, to send out automated emails to candidates when their application status is changed. Keeping candidates informed with their progress is made super easy with HireBee! HireBee also provides users with a career page builder to include visuals, articles, testimonials, photos and videos. Include awesome branded career pages in your job postings to boost candidate experience and improve your employer branding!

In conclusion, the candidate experience is integral for maintaining your employer branding, increasing your quality of hires and keeping your candidates engaged. HireBee’s solutions help you improve your candidate experience and stay competitive in the labor market .

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3 Common Employer Branding Mistakes to Avoid

Employer branding has become an important part of recruitment, with companies being pressured to be competitive in the labour market with their offerings to their employees. This is obviously a good thing for the employees, but small business owners may find it hard to compete with massive employer brands. In our previous article, we discussed the main aspects of employer branding. Now we will look at some common mistakes made in recruitment which could be hurting your employer branding.

Candidate waiting for response

1. Bad Candidate Communication

No one likes being ghosted. After applying to your job opening, candidates expect to hear back from you, and they expect this to happen within a reasonable timeframe. Not reaching back to rejected candidates, not reviewing all job applicants and not keeping candidates informed with the progress of their application are all common mistakes which hurt your candidate experience.

In the eyes of the applicants, this is their only personal experience with you thus far, so all the great working conditions and your beautiful employer brand messaging won’t matter if you let them down during the application process. This is because to job-seekers, the candidate experience is representative of the employee experience.

You can luckily easily fix this problem with automated candidate communication. With HireBee, you can create email templates which are sent out automatically to candidates when you move them through the hiring process. The templates allow you to find a balance between personalized and automated emails.

Make a good first impression

2. Failing to Make a Good First Impression

Attracting talent is difficult with an unattractive job description. A clumsy job description with unclear tasks and responsibilities, unclear remuneration, no inspiring mission, and no flavour is one sure way of driving away talented individuals who saw your job opening.

Make sure your job descriptions are beautifully crafted to lay out all that the job applicant will need to know in one place, and that your brand’s personality shines through. What you will need is a career website, linked in your job postings on online job boards, which showcase your brand’s personality and company culture, and allow you to insert valuable content for the applicant. If applicants are going to be researching your company on the web anyways, why not leave a good impression by providing some of what they are looking for before they surf the web for more info?

HireBee’s career page builder is an easy to use tool which allows you to craft beautifully designed career pages. Linked to your job postings, this career page will allow you to include: your company info, active job openings, employment benefits, videos, a photo gallery, testimonials and social media links.

Bored businessman

3. Slow interview scheduling

You have reviewed a candidate, and decided to move them through to an interview stage. However, now you will need to schedule an interview time and date with them. Being too slow with your interview scheduling may result in you losing the candidate, as they would have progressed faster through the application processes of other employers and already received offers.  Additionally, this hurts the candidate experience, and we’ve already discussed why you don’t want that to happen.

With HireBee, interview scheduling is easily done through the platform with calendar integrations and Zoom integration for online interviews. Application status changes to the interview stages of your workflow requires you to put in a scheduled date and time, so you’ll never forget or delay interviews with your candidates.

We hope that you avoid these mistakes in the future, and come out on top with your employer branding strategy! In a bid to create a successful employer brand, there’s no need to make these completely avoidable mistakes!

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Excited co-workers

What is Employer Branding? What to pay attention to

Employer branding is one of those business practices which is popular yet doesn’t have a conventional strategy of implementation. However, there are certain things which are useful to pay attention to for an awesome employer branding strategy. 

Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

The main focus of your employer branding is to understand what your company offers to employees, what your competitors offer to employees and what your target group wants. Hence, you will market the benefits employment in your company offers, which competitors do not have and that your target group wants. This is called the employee value proposition (EVP). For simple illustration, here is a Venn diagram taken from a slide presentation created by Armin Trost, a leading mind in HR.

Employee Value Proposition

This is a very similar approach to corporate branding’s unique selling point (USP), but for recruitment, and more tricky. This is tricky, because it turns out that your business concept should also appeal to potential and current employees. Therefore, for the entire process to work out, your offering as an employer should not be disconnected with your overall business objective. Your EVP can differ by jobs, but with this in mind, they should be similar.

Interdepartmental Collaboration

The beauty of employer branding is that the entire team has to get involved with the process. It is not up to a single department to craft a strategy and implement it. Just like it is important to maintain product integrity when selling products and services to consumers, it is very important that the realities of the workplace experience are highlighted. The HR team may hence need to spend time with the different departments of the workforce to absorb input and opinion by asking the relevant questions, and really dig deep to interpret a desirable EVP. 

Interdepartmental Collaboration

As the HR team determines the appropriate messaging, it may need to also collaborate with the marketing team to come up with and implement strategies for marketing the messaging. Generally speaking, employer branding requires engagement from the entire team, and it is important to establish facile interdepartmental communication to get the entire team on board.

Company Culture

Absolutely pivotal to employer branding, it is important to build and preserve a robust company culture. With company culture, it is the company’s reputation as an employer which is the focal point. Just as it is important for the candidate experience in the recruitment process to be great, it is important for the actual experience as an employee to be great, as candidates believe that their experience applying for the job is representative of the experience working for the employer. 

Company Culture

As your messaging is going to be based on the real benefits your employees are realizing working for you, try to increase these benefits reasonably, and in the meantime your employer branding will also grow organically through word of mouth. It can be said that the company culture is to your employees as the product is to your customers. Develop your company culture just as you develop your product, and position yourself in the labor market as a company job-seekers want to work for.

Showing Your True (And Vibrant) Colors

The primary places to include your messaging for your employer brand are on your job advertisements. With online job boards, you can link applicants to your career website, where you can include visuals, articles, testimonials, photos and videos to showcase your company culture. Recruitment software like HireBee makes it easy to build your career page and link it to your job posts. The software, which is a tool for managing all or most recruitment processes, includes a career page builder tool, which lets you include all the aforementioned content and create an awesome branded career page. The EVP can also be included in the job description.

Representing your brand

But outside of establishing your employer brand in your job advertisements, you should also consider marketing your employer brand elsewhere. Being active on social media, sharing employee stories, writing blogs on your company’s achievements, and being active on employer review sites, where you promote positive reviews and respond to negative reviews to understand what went wrong, are some marketing strategies to consider.

Ultimately, there are many different ways to market your workplace, develop your company culture and implement your employer branding strategy. But as there is a lot of room for creativity and no clear-cut formula to employer branding success, there are still employer branding fundamentals we want you to pay attention to.

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