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Valuing The Most Important Asset on International Workers’ Day

Valuing The Most Important Asset on International Workers’ Day

International Workers’ Day, or May Day, has a rich history stemming from the late 19th century, and is still to this day celebrated in most countries on May 1st in commemoration of the 1886 Haymarket affair in Chicago. The event is celebrated around the globe in most countries, but the US is one of the few countries which don’t celebrate, which is ironic as the origins stem from the US. This may be largely due to how US authorities handled the situation and the Labor Movement. However, even though we may not all agree on the same beliefs, and not look into the events in the same light; we should all in this occasion appreciate and celebrate truly the most important asset — the people.

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Haymarket affair of 1886

People are at the Center of Everything

“I think the younger generation, the people poised to dominate the workforce, are more socially conscious. They are more demanding in terms of environment and how that environment contributes to their life.” — Helmut Jahn. It seems that the workforce is perpetually evolving; remote working, freelancing and continual improvement in working conditions, are all part of the new normal now. 

When it comes to striving for economic growth, groundbreaking innovations and contributing to the economy; we should not forget that there is one ultimate purpose to all this: to make life on Earth better. That is why when workers cannot enjoy the fruits of their own labor due to unsatisfactory working conditions, it’s apparent that something is wrong. People are at the center of everything; even as we seemingly approach an era where machines are poised to replace man in the workforce, the people’s demand for goods and services drives the supply.

So it is important that as people work for and contribute to the economy, their freedoms outside of work are not restricted, and that the ambitions of profit do not erode the capacity of man to enjoy the gift of life. 

A Congratulations from HireBee

For HireBee this occasion is truly special, as talent is at the centre of what we do. We help equip businesses with technology which makes talent acquisition less time consuming, and makes candidate relationship management easier and more manageable. Businesses can connect better with their candidates and obtain greater control of their candidate experience with our software, and it’s not even close! By helping businesses manage their relationships with their candidates better, we’re making the employment process less frustrating and stressful for everyone!

So it is with a warm heart that we congratulate all workers around the world on this very special day. We hope every worker out there continues to work with a passion, and simultaneously enjoys their freedoms outside of work. Happy International Workers’ Day from everyone at HireBee!

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Candidate Relationship Management with HireBee

Candidate Relationship Management in Recruitment

The candidate is at the center of everything, you can’t build a recruitment strategy without prioritizing the candidate experience. It’s like neglecting the customer and the product quality when selling a product. But it would be unfair to blame yourself for letting candidates down if you’re not recruiting with recruitment software. Doing all the hard work and keeping everything afloat all by yourself is unreliable. What hiring teams need is a system which makes the process easy both for them and the candidates. What hiring teams need is HireBee to manage their candidate relationship management.

How Does HireBee Help You Manage Your Relationship with Your Candidates?

HireBee is a recruitment platform with which you can easily set up your candidate relationship management. Its many capabilities enable hiring teams to create an organized, customized and automated communication process with job applicants, as well as manage other important responsibilities which would otherwise be a pain in the neck. By making your hiring less mundane and freeing up more time to focus on what the human does best, you will see tremendous results in both your talent acquisition and your sanity!

Here are some of our features and capabilities which make managing your candidate relationships with HireBee a no-brainer!

Workflows & Integration with Mail

What seems to frustrate candidates the most is that often they’ll be applying to jobs and will never be hearing back from the employers! And what sucks most is that the majority of the time this is done unintentionally! Due to improper workflows in place, lack of centralization of the operations, loss of information, lack of time to go through all the resumes, or for any other reason. Integrating with mail to keep all your communications in one place will concentrate and bolster your communications. Automating communication with candidates along their progress and a mailbox for only your recruitment are available!

Automating candidate communication starts with setting up workflows accordingly with your recruitment needs. Each stage in the workflow is accompanied by a an email template which can be easily customized. Upon applicant status change, recruiters can choose to automatically send this email to the candidate. Additionally, you can also choose to have the mails be sent each time without verification, and also tweak the mail to include details personalized to the candidate.

In addition, communications with candidates are made easier and more organized, with a candidate mailbox, from where you have an inbox of all mails received from candidates, and can send mails to candidates. In addition to this, you can mail candidates directly from their profile, and make communication convenient and fast.

Custom Application Forms

Customizing Application Forms with HireBee

One of the most important things when recruiting with HireBee is that you retain wide control of your candidate experience. That includes application forms and deciding how you want the candidate to apply for your vacancy. Limited customizability is available directly through the platform, whilst more detailed customizations can be provided to users on-request.

Candidate History

Forgetting interactions and progression with candidates is unnecessary in the modern age. HireBee’s candidate profiles log the full history of interactions with candidates. Everything from communication, job application, applicant status change, job invitation, and much more is logged and easily accessible on the candidates’ profiles.

Archiving Candidates with HireBee

Additionally, all your candidates can be archived after moving through the pipeline. Saving your past active candidates in your database and being able to invite them is a great way to make use of some of your most favorite talent in your pipeline which couldn’t be given a job previously.

Feedback Forms

For hiring teams, it cannot go understated how important it is to have a proper procedure in place when you are collecting feedback from your team. Not only does feedback need to be communicated properly, but the criteria for reviewing candidates should be standardized, and made easily visible and accessible. HireBee’s feedback forms allow hiring teams to rate candidates based on professional and personal traits, give an overall ranking and add additional comments. All feedback forms submitted are available to the team on the candidate profile. As such, reviewing candidates based on multi-level feedback and making collaborated decisions is easy and efficient.

Video Interview Scheduling with Zoom Integration

HireBee Zoom Integration

Covid-19 has seen the need for video interviews explode out of the water. And as hiring teams have outweighed the benefits vs the draw-backs of conducting virtual job interviews, video interviews have grown in popularity and are here to stay. HireBee’s Zoom and Calendar integrations make video interviewing scheduling easy and organized.

If you’re tracking your metrics and realize that you’ve been spending way too much time stuck in the interviewing stage, trying to schedule your interviews with no overlaps; chances are you need to revamp your process. HireBee’s interview scheduling is just one of the many features which enable hiring teams to manage their time properly and streamline their hiring.

Regain control of the hiring process and make time for all of your candidates with HireBee’s all-in-one hiring platform!

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