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Recruitment Marketing with Hirebee

Recruitment Marketing: An Important Tool In The Post-COVID 19 World 

At a time when companies now have access to a large and diverse talent pool owing to COVID-19 and remote working, recruitment marketing remains a significant tool within the talent acquisition arsenal.

As workplace practices and job landscapes continue to change, there is a need to find a feasible solution so that we might fill in some of the gaps in the current recruitment landscape. As a result, the power of virtual recruitment and associated tools remain significant for talent acquisition individuals and employers for turnover. Technology will prove highly beneficial in optimizing the HR function and managing through recruitment marketing.

AI-powered recruitment platform Hirebee equips companies with the tools to brand their own company page, job postings, and social media visuals to better attract a diverse talent pool. The main features of recruitment marketing with Hirebee are social recruiting, multiposting with integrated job boards and the candidate experience.

Branded Career Page 

Recruiters may create their own branded career page quickly and effectively. When they sign up for an account, they are able to leverage Hirebee’s user-friendly interface to communicate their company stories through articles, videos, and photos. Companies are also able to back this up with relevant content to familiarize candidates with company culture and visions. Companies can further increase their visibility by linking their social media pages such as their Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook.

Branded Job Posting 

Companies are able to go a step further with their visual and customizable tools and move past stereotypical job descriptions. Such branded postings can also help bolster the candidate experience as employers can use quizzes and gaming to engage prospective candidates through job postings.

Social Sharing With Visuals

A big part of virtual recruiting today is the ability to use outreach to tap into a vast and diverse talent pool. By integrating a company’s social media links with Hirebee, they can start posting vacancies directly from the dashboard. The visual studio tool can help direct images from a company’s gallery to their respective social media pages and further engage candidates.

Bolstering a company’s brand image is an integral part of attracting and inspiring talent from across the globe. Hirebee is primarily used as a talent acquisition tool to source through optimization and automation in order to build a legitimate and credible HR brand in the job market.

Recruitment marketing today is all about standing out from the crowd and presenting something different. Businesses need to comply with these changing dynamics in the market and shoot their shot when it comes to attracting the best talent possible. team team

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