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The ultimate guide to recruitment automation

We break down how recruitment automation can speed up an unnecessarily lengthy hiring process with our ultimate guide.

Screening and Evaluating Candidates: An HR Tutorial

An HR tutorial compiled to inspire you to create the perfectly structured recruitment funnel to help you identify the best talent quickly and efficiently.

Working from Home in the Days of Pandemic

The most important thing today, is to be safe and stay healthy, be motivated, continue to work, read and develop...

5 Best Tools for Remote Working Adoption

The truth is, not every business succeeds with remote working, and not every business had a positive experience...

Winners Of Struggle During A Global Pandemic: Here From Entrepreneurs, Companies, And Founders! 

The pandemic has also given creators and entrepreneurs time to exercise more creative freedom and independence.

Is the Pandemic a New Era for Small Businesses?

As our working dynamics continue to evolve in the face of the pandemic, can it be a gift to small businesses?

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